Our Story


     Born and raised right here in the Southwest, Clint Rusing and Jesse Robbins have spent a lifetime surrounded by great turquoise jewelry. As time has gone on, our passion for sourcing natural high-grade turquoise and turquoise jewelry led us on an adventure to the heart of turquoise country, Tonopah, Nevada.

     Working closely with the local miners afforded us an education that could not be found anywhere in the world. Before long our hands were dirty and our backs sore as we began to work our own turquoise claims in search of this amazing stone. To share our turquoise and those of the miners we still work with, we have created a classic jewelry line that allows you to be a part of the turquoise adventure we continue to live everyday.

     In addition to our jewelry lines featuring natural turquoise, we work closely with some of the best southwest jewelers to bring you quality American artistry and the best southwest turquoise. 




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