Claim Post Design Company Cofounder Introductions: Clint Rusing

November 30, 2020 1 Comment

Claim Post Design Company Cofounder Introductions: Clint Rusing

   Cofounder, Clint Rusing, has a hell of a background. Some might call him a renaissance man. Growing up in Prescott, AZ, Clint has a true love for all that the southwest has to offer. He grew up in the outdoors, learning, at an early age, the importance of connecting with nature and all that it has to offer.  

   Clint has always had a passion for the sciences and studied Physiology at the University of Arizona with minors in Chemistry and Business Administration.  While deciding against attending medical school upon graduating, Clint explored several different career options over the next decade. This included working for a startup in San Francisco, wildland firefighting, residential and commercial real estate and managing political campaigns. Turquoise mining and running a southwest jewelry business were not a thought that had crossed his mind but it would soon become his destiny…


   When Clint is not out turquoise mining in the rugged hills of Nevada or running the sales and marketing side of Claim Post, you can find him out enjoying nature. Hiking, mountain biking, running, stand up paddleboarding, kayaking and road tripping are some of his favorite activities. He is an explorer at heart. Having visited 13 different countries, travel is something that truly brings him joy. Clint currently resides in Prescott, AZ but is planning on converting a van and road tripping throughout the western united states, slinging jewelry!  Keep your eyes peeled for his van with the turquoise pick plastered to its side and say hi!


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Randy Rusing
Randy Rusing

December 04, 2020

Are you coming through Tucson with your new van loaded with jewelry?

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